Not going to give an opinion here about these, but there is something we need to remember: The aircraft being MH370 is an assumption or miscommunication. Debunking the flight characteristics, weather, time of day, satellite position or sequence of known mh370 events do not in and of themselves debunk the content of the video, only the narrative. It’s important to separate the narrative from what we are seeing when deciding if these are real or not, because narrative can be used to fool fallible human logic.

For example – because x doesn’t match up with y in the MH370 facts this is all a hoax. – this is false logic. It only proves this is not a video of MH370.

Whether the videos are made up crap or real, separating narrative is important in many of the cases presented to us. Psyops, debunkers and hoaxers can all present misleading narratives to confuse our judgement of how we are analysing something.

Edit – and if you downvote this, you’re literally downvoting a statement of fact, and there is no hope for you. It’s not subjective.

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