Ken Klippenstein, “There’s a UAV Unidentified Aerial Retrieval Program That’s Highly Secretive.”

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I stumbled across a link on Twitter to a podcast called The Letterhack that interviewed Ken Klippenstein on July 27th. The second half of the podcast asks Klippenstein his opinion on ‘aliens’. I’ll link directly to the podcast here( in case I don’t link it properly the timestamp is 4:48 in)

Maybe I’m reading too much into things, but a few things stood out as odd to me. The first being his complete change in demeanor, he becomes more animated at the topic of UFOs and aliens, as well as nervous/hesitant, choosing his words carefully. The second thing that stood out was his explanation in response to the host asking him what he thinks about aliens. I’ll try to transcribe it as best as I can here:

Host: Where are you on aliens? Is this-

Ken: I don’t buy it. I’m very skeptical and I encourage everyone to go-


Ken: Yes. I mean, I just think it’s false. There’s complicated reasons. I encourage everyone to um search Youtube. There’s a really good explainer on…on why this is a big fraud. So…the government is overly secretive about things and they don’t want to disclose certain things um now does that mean that uh so what I know from people that I know and there’s some written on it, there’s a UAV, what’s called a UAV Unidentified Aerial Vehicle Retrieval Program that’s um, highly secretive, and uh it’s true that they don’t brief a lot of people on it um, but the thing is recovering an aircraft whose providence(?) you don’t know doesn’t mean it’s an alien aircraft. It means that maybe or… or if there’s technology that you’re not familiar with, that doesn’t mean it’s extraterrestrial in nature. That means that it could be the Russians, it means it could be the Chinese, that means it could be whatever.

When I tried to Google Unidentified Aerial Vehicle Retrieval Program -as according to Ken ‘there’s some written on it’ I couldn’t find anything. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough? The closest I could find was information on UAVs although those aren’t as Ken describes them “Unidentified Aerial Vehicles” but Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which from a brief look at Google essentially means drones. So is he mixing the two up? Or are these highly secretive government programs going on to retrieve enemy drones/balloons?

During Spaces yesterday Ken also makes reference to these programs and says something similar to his Letterhack interview but instead he uses the term UAP retrieval programs. I listened to it back several times and it’s quite clear that he says UAP. Link with the timestamp hopefully set right at

Ken then goes on to reference in his Letterhack interview an article written by a ‘really good reporter’ for the New York Post. I don’t think it’s too hard to guess that he’s referring to Greenstreet, who Ken also retweeted a few times yesterday.

This is my first post in this sub so excuse me to the mods if I’m not doing it correctly. I thought the podcast was interesting enough to share.

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