Driving north on highway 61 about an hour north of Duluth MN on lake Superior today I saw this plane hovering about 300ft above ground, just offshore over the water, next to a lake house. Coming around a bend in the road I noticed the plane thinking it was abnormally low, and as I continued past it I realized it was completely still in the air, hovering completely motionless despite a strong wind. The props were not even moving. My coworker was in the car with me and saw it as well, and is just as rattled as I am.

When we first saw it I said “look at that old plane” and as we watched it, basically frozen in space, we both started freaking out. We kept driving, I’m kicking myself for not turning back and getting video of it, basically in shock. Before looking anything up, we commented on the dark green color, the still propellers, and the fact that it looked like something from WW2. I know very little about planes, but it’s a pretty recognizable style.

My coworker began to research potential UFO activity on lake Superior, and found links to the Kinross incident, which neither of us had ever heard about before. She googled the planes in the article and we were shocked to see the dark green RCAF C47 Dakota. It was ABSOLUTELY that plane that we saw. As we did more research, with the help of a friend on the phone, we learned that the American plane that went missing (F89C Scorpion jet) was out to intercept a UFO. The F89 reported the craft to appear to be an RCAF C47. The radar showed that the two craft merged before they lost contact with the F89. Other planes were sent out to search and saw nothing, and the pilots and plane were never found.

Did anyone else in the area see this plane?


Link to a report on the incident

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