I am an experiencer, so therefore a believer. However, I do not fully subscribe to the “woo” and I still have a healthy amount of skepticism. I’ve spent my life researching and thinking about multiple theories based on information I can find and trying to put the puzzle pieces together. t’s difficult to find legitimate people who are discussing historical events, current events, and theories.

There are a handful that I have gotten to know over the years through articles and Podcasts. George Knapp, Andy McGrillen, Curt Jaimungal, David Fravor, Leslie Keane, and Ross Coulthart are just a few of the popular ones, that I listen to and read often, who have worthwhile contributions. There are more out there who are lesser known, but have a lot of interesting things to share.

Unfortunately people like Jeremy Corbell and Dr. Steven Greer share the same space with people that I listen to and respect. Jeremy Corbell is so hyped up to make himself the face and gatekeeper of the phenomena and it makes me sick. He’s a late night sham wow infomercial personality, and I wish people would stop giving him attention. He weasels and pushes his way into everything. Dr. Greer is also a hardcore grifter with the same mindset.

If you spend two minutes listening to Corbell, it’s all about him, and how he knows everything and everyone, and has all the secret information and is the key to all things NHI and UFO. He can’t stop bragging about himself every two seconds, and he used the latest Congressional hearings to advertise that it was actually HIM who David Grusch first contacted. So what if it was? Who tf cares? He’s lost the plot completely and is dragging down the community of new people who may be looking for information. He wants fame and notoriety so badly and has attached himself to a subject that has the potential to change humanity.

Please share any legitimate sources with anyone you may talk to that is interested in learning more. Also, warn them of the charlatans and grifters who insist on putting themselves front and center.

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