Listen say what you want about the Airplane abduction video, I don’t believe that one but shit is has a WAY bette chance of being real that this footage. First off that’s a damn Microsoft Studio old footage filter, and this looks like a stop motion picture. I don’t know how in the hell y’all can believe this. Also I want to mention that it is said this was on the same YouTube page as the Airplane abduction footage which that YouTube page also had fake videos posted up. This doesn’t give much credence to the abduction video. It’s odd that people are making great debunk videos explaining why shit is fake and y’all still downvote it to hell to make sure it gets buried. There’s an active campaign of disinfo on this sub and it’s nuts. Now y’all tryna claim not only that that “1940s” black and white disc shaped ufo footage is real AND features Grusch doing commentary over it. Y’all are nuts. This sub has been taken over and it’s sad no one sees it!

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