On 7 april 2023 has been reported a light orb hovering above Brasov city in Romania, in the Ghimbav zone.

The video: https://youtu.be/lxEEZqz_0ho

I translated what the man said. He talks a lot, but pointed mostly the same information, such as:

the fact that it was a drizzling weather, raining or snowing, meaning that the sky was very cloudly and the ufo chould not be a star or planet. It was hovering in a fixed point, aprox. 100 m above ground. It was near an airport. He seemed quite excited and proud to capture this, maybe because others did not believe him as he mentioned.

Translation (pretty long and repetitive):

7 april 2023 22:00 hour Its snowing outside. You can see it is cloudly. It rains, snows, drizzling. And this thing is hovering at…not even 100 meters above Ghimbav. It is simply hovering…right in the place i live, right above the place i live. It has a black circle in the middle. You can see it. What we have..here… It is not a clear sky. It is drizzling. It snows. For real…you can see..i cant even see Postavaru (the mountain), in that direction Postavaru should be visible. You can see the clouds. The sky is dark and i really want to know what we have here. No? What do we have here? … You can see that, yes?..it is not..you can see the houses. Ya,lets make it brighter, so we can see it clearer. The atmosphere. See that it is snowing. In that directions should be “Postavaru”, that cant be seen, “Bucegi” (other group of mountains) in that direction should be seen but we cant because it is snowing. … What do we have here… ASFAN?? do we have a Ghimbav airport? – ASFAN is an romanian nonprofit association which investigates ufos – https://www.facebook.com/asfanufo

It doesnt have even 100 meters above. It is simply hovering in a fixed point. Near me, where i live. Near me, in Ghimbav. What do we have here.

Dear friends, even the ones who denigrate me on tiktok and here, on youtube, what do we have here? It snows, it is cloudly, it can be clearly seen. You can see the clouds, its not a clear sky, even in the direction of “Piatra craiului” (other group of mountains) what do we have here? It is near me, 1 km distance away. It is hovering.

What do we have here? Dear friends..what do we have here. Near me, above Ghimbav. It has a black cicle in the middle. it looks like saturn, closely. At 1000 m distance, close? It seems like saturn. What do we have here ASFAN? UFON? Or other that may know.. Again, i show you the sky, it is dark, it snows, it drizzling. Postavaru is in that directions… (and more but i got bored of translating. Will finish if you ask me)

There are more of these from Romania and i want to post them. The internet seems focused only on the american continents, but there are plently all over the planet.

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