Scouring around I came across these two links:

These are websites filled with accounts of ufos, ranging from large UFOs spotted by 100s of people, to a father and his son fishing and spotting an odd light. All the stories come complete with approx dates, locations (with links in some of them), detailed accounts of the incident, and often times the links attached to these stories lead to another rabbit hole of weird information and stuff that you just do not come by unless you are looking hard for it! Imagine if all of these stories were commonplace and known amongst your average Joe, similar to how we discuss ghosts and the paranormal every day… I highly recommend digging through some of these. I do not claim any of these stories to be true, but I highly praise the authors for doing this amount of research and putting something like this together for our reading pleasure.

After scouring these 10’s of thousands of stories with links that lead to more stories and articles and newspapers and links, if even one of them are true.. that would be big

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