Brief logical findings that I wish to share with you, by points

it is unlikely that aliens come from distant worlds

it is more likely that they are interdimensional or temporal travelers

the anatomical features described very often are statistically very unlikely, what are the chances that another civilization from light years away developed the same physiognomy? Or that they breathe oxygen?

given the maneuvers performed by UFOs, it is likely that any occupants are not biological

if what Grusch says is true, the first UFO recovered fell in Italy during fascism. Pinotti, Italy’s most distinguished ufologist reports that fascist documents mentioned occupants (dead) identical to Nordic people, blond and blue-eyed

if true, what would be the kinship between these beings and the grays? Hence my inference that in case the greys may be AI in a non-robotic but biological body capable of enduring the journey

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