We Know UFO’s are real and we know aliens are real, whatever they are… But what we don’t know is what Nikola Tesla knew, how he was so ahead of his time, and is it possible that some of these craft are a descendant of his work…? I have a some weird gut feeling that whom ever got a hold of his work was able to develop these things privately and remain under the radar. I know if I was a privately owned company that had his developments I wouldn’t tell anyone or anything. There has always been much secrecy around his work, here is a released file to get the juices going. If you don’t wanna read just scroll down to the part of correspondence between the Air Technical service command and his Estate. For those of you who don’t know the AIS handled most if not all related UFO info very very early on. I am not stating anything, just looking for Reddit to do it’s thing and find additional information on this and what they know


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