“This @DoDAARO FOIA response acknowledges a video does exist from the Jan 2023 Eglin AFB #UAP sighting but refuses to release it. But someone is not being truthful because @DoD_AARO officially claimed in its report that there was no video because the jet recorder was not working. And, if this object was just a balloon, why is it a national security secret? https://www.aaro.mil/Portals/136/PDFs/case_resolution_reports/Case_Resolution_of_Eglin_UAP_2_508.pdf” – Ross Coulthart

Link to Lue Elizondo’s tweet: https://x.com/lueelizondo/status/1786419153139646971?s=46

“It’s another example of asymmetry being applied. Skeptics demand proof and methods from the claimants, but the DOD gets to give conclusions and no data. The DOD also gets to veto the claimants’ ability to provide verified data.

Rules for thee but not for me.

That’s not how science is done.” – Garry Nolan

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