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Thanks to Educational Chart for their recent slow motion upload. Several comments on not being able to tell if this is flying at a distance / altitude, if its an insect or leaf in the foreground etc. Also several comments if the clip garnering more attention than warranted. Personally I don’t think thus could be bleeding edge terrestrial tech like an hypersonic drone or something. However, I do think this is a good exercise in debunking the debunk. I took these screenshot from Educational Charts show motion clip. For the sake of ease in referring to Frame 1 as the first frame we see the UAP. There is indeed no frame showing the UAP partially occluded by building. However, in Frames 4 and 5 we see a faint shadow within the cloud which I believe is the anomaly passing behind cloud. The shadow corresponds to the dimensions and position we would expect from the anomalies trajectory. You can even observe an upwards change in the trajectory of the anomaly in frame 5 which we see continued in frame 7 when it reappears from the cloud. I don’t believe you can see it in Frames 3 (very faintly) or 6. Apologies for the quality and reproduction not from the OG source but I haven’t the abilities. I invite you to go back to the OG post and confirm if possible.

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