Megathread MH370 – Relevant Posts regarding MH370

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Hey, seemingly every day we’re getting a bunch of new posts and I realize it has become difficult for many to keep up. Here I’m trying to compile all relevant posts regarding the topic. I’ll add future posts aswell.

Original Video from webarchive

The Ultimate Analysis: Airliner videos and the MH370 flight connection. (Part 1)

MH370 Airliner videos: a piece of the puzzle probably no one noticed. (Part 2)

MH370 Airliner videos part III: The rabbit hole goes deeper than we thought (Part 3) by u/aryelbcn (Great overall posts, covering a lot of other posts, this should be your starting point)

Objective and Thorough Analysis of the Airliner Data (original analysis, possible mh370 airplane and UAP, OP is a pilot)

NROL-22 (USA 184) satellite did pass near the coordinates shown in the video by u/DroogieDontCrashHere

New lead for proving the authenticity of the videos by u/w00tleeroyjenkins (WSPRnet data seems to suggest it is in fact MH370 in the video)

Airliner Satellite Video: View of the area unwrapped by u/sulkasammal

Commentary on the MF370 video and FLIR from an satellite intelligence expert – and unrelated, surprising info on UAPs by u/ThePharotekton

Airliner Portal Video – A Mechanical Engineer’s Thermal Suspicions by u/cramericaz (Top comment is worth checking out here, OP seems to dislike clicking links and informing himself on the topic)

Malaysian Prime Minister admits military radar tracked UFO near MH370 during its disappearance. Confirms UFO information stated by their Air Force chief last week. (Posted 2014) by u/SmokeyFiend58

The Curious Case of Speedbird777 (UAP Airliner) by u/BroliasBoesersson (Possible earlier upload of the video)

MH370 Clouds Anomaly by u/MonoPattern

Here are links that aren’t directly related to MH370, but provide insights on the details:

Former Marine F/A-18 pilot Mark Hulsey describes encounter with multiple orb UAPs flying in a circular pattern above his canopy by u/HotFluffyDiarrhea (similar flight characteristics by UAP as shown in the video)

An image once thought to be too crisp to be a satellite photo ended up being mistakenly revealed intel in 2019. by u/Dgb_iii

I tried to recreate the airline video, I think it is nearly impossible by u/Jesseappeltje

Boeing 777 Videos: Original YouTube Uploader (Video Source) by u/WORLDBENDER (possible link between RegicideAnon and Luke Air Force Base)

Psychic remote-viewed MH370 being teleported by NHI on March 11, 2014, a day before video of abduction allegedly made available. by u/bittersaint (very controversial, depends if you believe remote viewing as being real or not)

I’ve tried to add a little summary, but for some posts the title does a goob job of that. If I’ve missed any important posts, feel free to link them (preferably a 1 sentence summary aswell) and I’ll add them to the list.

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