Lots of light pollution where I was. But I was at the dog park in the valley in Los Angeles and saw this meteor possibly. I say possibly because after it died out I tracked a dot and usually you can’t. Looked like a star or satellite in clear sky’s but you could slightly still see there was a smoke trail behind it. Maybe it was a satelite that got hit by a space rock or got too close to the surface of earth? I’ve seen meteors before with green trails or your normal shooting stars, space x rockets launch, but this straight looked like something out of a comic book. It’s sort of had a red orange ring like tail, first thing that came to mind was rings like Saturn. The weird thing is I watched it for about 10 minutes. Probably normal but yeah thought I’d share. Again sorry about quality literally couldn’t focus through the street lights, then an even shittier video of it after the tail burned out.

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