Hello once more, I promise you this time it won’t be lengthy. However, there are new and relevant details regarding the Airliner videos.

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Stereoscopic video

This is something already explained in my previous post:

Some users found out that the original satellite video is actually a stereoscopic three dimensional video. What does this imply? The image is composed from two different cameras pointing at the same location, resulting in a three-dimensional footage. Just like in certain movies where you require 3D glasses to become fully engaged, similar to the case of Avatar.



Forget about the NROL-22 location

The key information discovered pertains to the Satellite responsible for capturing this footage. We invested significant effort into tracking the NROL-22 Satellite, yet it’s possible this turns out to be irrelevant.

During my research, I stumbled upon this enlightening video:



Its description says:

Can you see this animation in 3D? Test your depth perception with this stereoscopic view of storms over the Tennessee River Valley on July 11, 2018. GOES East (GOES-16) is on the left, GOES17 on the right.

The GOES-17 satellite (launched March 1, 2018), is currently in a test position, viewing Earth from 22,000 miles above the equator at 89.5 degrees west longitude. Meanwhile, GOES East is positioned at 75.2 degrees west longitude. The relative proximity of these two satellites means that we can create stereoscopic, or three-dimensional, imagery by placing views from each satellite next to one another.

To view the animation in three dimensions, cross your eyes so that three separate images are present, then focus on the image in the middle.

Please note: GOES-17 imagery is preliminary and non-operational.


What does this mean? That the airliner footage could have been taken from two different satellites.

Look at the very bottom of the video, it even have a similar text showing the relevant data:


So why does it says NROL-22 at the bottom of the AIRLINER video?

This user explained it clearly:

Therefore, if we are committed to the idea that NROL-22 took the video, it simply does not work.

However – thats where the post from 3 days ago by u/ManWithNoMemories comes in. It is very plausible that NROL-22 served as a relay for much lower satellites, either SBIRS-GEO 1 (aka USA 230) or SBIRS-GEO 2 (aka USA 241)

The wikipedia page for SBIRS-GEO 1 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA-230) describes it as follows:

“The SBIRS satellites are a replacement for the Defense Support Program early warning system. They are intended to detect ballistic missile launches, as well as various other events in the infrared spectrum, including nuclear explosions, aircraft flights, space object entries and reentries, wildfires and spacecraft launches.”

I believe this is a perfect match for the video. And NROL-22 certainly cannot be the satellite taking the video.

So imo, if the video is real, a SBIRS satellite relayed information to NROL-22, and the relay is shown in the screengrab. And the fact that this fits so well and is such an obscure detail, to me, points towards the video being real


What does this mean?

That NROL-22 is the central hub receiving the information from two other satellites. I made a mockup to illustrate this:


In this case NROL-22 acts as a relay satellite:


More stereoscopic examples:

Here is a video showing how this stereoscopic software would be used by the military, I linked to the relevant timestamp:


If something of this nature can be displayed to the public, consider the classified technology that the military possesses.

Here is another instance of software capturing stereoscopic satellite data:




Footage capturing the MH370 airplane contrails?

This video was posted on March 12, 2014, merely four days following the vanishing of the MH370 airplane. Allegedly captured in proximity to the plane’s disappearance site, it depicts a plane contrail abruptly concluding in mid-air.


I attempted to reach out to this user on Twitter to inquire about the video’s source, but I didn’t receive any response. Perhaps someone else will have better luck:


Drone angle shot:

Alright, there has been considerable debate regarding whether an MQ-1C could capture footage resembling what is seen in the FLIR video. Interestingly, the recently released drone footage by the Department of Defense displays a remarkably similar perspective:



You may also observe difficulty in tracking the incoming plane, characterized by slight fluctuations similar to those seen in the airliner video. The cameras on these drones are under manual control by a drone operator.

Airplane heat contrails:

Certain experts on Reddit argue that the video is falsified due to the thermal imagery not accurately displaying airplane contrails as heat signatures. However, this isn’t a universal rule, as demonstrated in this particular video:


Plane interception?

Was the MH370 pilot attempting to intercept another flight? Based on data from FlyRadar, the deviation trajectory closely resembled that of the UEAU343 flight. Is this purely coincidental?



Disinformation campaign?

I came across this amusing tidbit on Twitter. Two separate accounts focused on UFOs both made identical comments, dismissing the Airliner videos as fraudulent:



Eglin AFB strikes again?



Folks, this is gaining momentum. Hopefully, prominent figures like Coulthart and Corbell will weigh in on this soon.


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