MH370 – All the information we have with recent discoveries

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With the recent discussions and discoveries surrounding MH370 I figured it would be time to make a post, compiling all the information we have right now (this took me roughly 7 hours, so much info), so future investigation becomes easier for everybody. I’ve intentionally left out any information regarding the uploader (yt and vimeo), since this has been covered extensively in the 4 part post. I hope this can bring everyone on the same page and help us get further along in figuring out if this is fake or real.

Timeline, Flight Route and Video Location:

The timeline is covered in the Ultimate Analysis Post. We can conclude, outside of the Inmarsat pings to the plane, we can’t determine which route the plane ended up taking.Worth noting there was a 3 minute timeframe, where the plane wasn’t tracked.The WISPR Data did provide a possible flight route, however there are concerns why this might not be accurate.

The video location was determined to be (8.834301, 93.19492) (no minus sign in front of it) which means the plane either was teleported during the 3 minutes (~02:22 MYT) where it disappeared from radar and was teleported back OR the plane returned to these coordinates at a later time (between 08:19 MYT and 09:15 MYT).


The satellite has been determined to be NROL-22 (USA-184), it carried the SBIRS-HEO-1 early warning package. NROL-28 (USA-200) carried the SBIRS-HEO-2 missile detection payload. Both of these were deployed before 2014. And either one or both could’ve been used to record the satellite footage and it was transmitted via NROL-22, hence why we see NROL-22 in the footage.

Here is a post showing that SBRIS is taskable, meaning it can be positioned on demand and the (although downgraded for the public) capabilities of SBRIS-HEO-1 and 2.Other potential candidates to SBRIS-HEO-1 and 2 are SBIRS-GEO-1 and 2.

Possibly related, could also be a coincidence or related to the military exercises in that area: Weather imaging satellites were turned off from 2AM for 2 hours


The drone in the footage was determined to be MQ-1C. (3rd Link).As mentioned above NROL-22 provides signals to a MQ-1C Gray Eagle via the SIGINT Payload. This is also a likely explanation for why the drone was able to get so close to the plane, if the satellites provided the data of the planes location to the drone.

The reticule you can see in the drone footage was found by a user in a flir datasheet.

The drone must’ve been launched from either Garcia Island which is roughly 2 miles from the coordinates or from an aircraft carrier. (2 military exercises in that area Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger)


Here it was shown that the airplane in the footage matches up with MH370.

Recent discussions regarding the visibility of fuselage fins and antenna in the drone footage were resolved (Post was deleted by mods, here is the yt video ~22 secs the antennae are clearly visible in optical light, but then disappear in IR.)

Thermal Coloring:

As mentioned in the Ultimate Analysis Post, the colors can be configured even after recording

The reason for the specific color palette that was used in the video might be so the UFOs/Portal are more visible.

Satellite Footage:

The satellite footage seems to be during daylight. There are 2 possible explanations for this:

A) The video happened at the end of the flight, when it was already daytime, meaning the 3 minute time window is no longer relevant

B) Taken from this comment: “The main complaint here is that it “looks daytime”. Anybody saying this has never seen a low-light color camera at work. These have been around for years, here is some guy using one 7 years ago:

Frame Rate:

The frame rate seemed to be coherent between both the vimeo and the youtube video. The satellite footage being 6 fps and the recording of the screen that’s showing the satellite footage and the drone footage being 24 fps.”It implies either that a real screen recorder recorded playback of a real source video, and the frame rate difference between the two is natural, or that someone went to the specific and deliberate extra effort to render motion of the fake scene at 6 fps and then do fake screen panning at 24 fps.

Mouse Cursor:

The mouse cursor was observed to “drift”, this could be explained if we assume the footage was viewed remotely on a different device. Any sort of latency can cause the cursor to drift in a similar way.

Stereoscopic video:

There was a heated debate about this and since I’m not an expert in the field, so correct me if I’m wrong, to me it seems like the text and mouse cursor that are overlayed should not have that stereoscopic effect, since those are not part of the original satellite footage. It seems like the video which was uploaded to vimeo is not stereoscopic, but the video that was uploaded to youtube is. This means the youtube uploader (either by accident or intentionally) added this effect. A potential explanation is that he used a side by side comparison and cropped the video (again correct me if I’m wrong). This however does not debunk the video, it just means that only 1 satellite was needed to capture the event.

If the above is true, then that means the debunking based on noise pattern is inaccurate. Since that debunk requires the footage to be stereoscopic. There were other potential errors pointed out regarding this debunk, however if we can agree that the footage is in fact not stereoscopic, this doesn’t matter. It also means further investigation on the video should be done on the vimeo video, not the youtube one.

There is another explanation: There are 2 rendered versions of this video, one in 3D and one in 2D. However this seems odd, if the hoaxer wanted to make this look as real as possible.

Further details that add complexity:

Cloud illumination

Clouds possibly affected by portal

UFOs pull inwards for a split second and both the UFOs aswell as the plane get slightly distorted.

If the tracking is off by only a slight amount, only for a couple of frames, you would instantly pick up on that.

3 “plots” were tracked on radar (Not sure if this was public knowledge back then, the official report containing this information was released in 2018), would be a big coincidence to pick the same number of UFOs

The UFO appears to be spinning on its axis


The discovery that the video is not stereoscopic changes a lot. Much of the previous investigation/debunking was based on this, further investigation should be done using the vimeo video. This list should depict accurate information that we have right now with this new discovery. If I’ve missed anything, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. This overview will hopefully make it easier for future investigation/debunking. I know I added a lot of links, but there is quite a bit of information, which isn’t easy to fit in one post. While I was writing this I also discovered some posts which I previously missed and added them to the Megathread. The Megathread started to fill up with quite a lot of links and it seemed to become harder and harder to get into the topic without reading every single link, hence why I decided to try and fit all this information here. Props to everyone working on this, no matter if you’re trying to debunk it or prove it’s authenticiy, you’re doing a great job.

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