Just an idea, couldn’t we take the stereoscopic videos and combine them and then watch them in 3D on a VR set up? I remember being able to do this on my old 3D Playstation 3 tv, at a loss as to how to go about doing it anymore. Anyone out there attempted this yet? Would be pretty awesome to watch it in theater mode in VR. Also, to add some length to the post and because I haven’t seen anyone mention it. There were reports of one of the engines being on fire as seen by eyewitnesses on the islands it was passing over. It looks like that is showing up in the FLIR video as the right-side engine is red hot all over and showing up differently then the left. Perhaps that’s where the debris that was found came from. Also saw a few reports about one of the pieces that was found was thought to have been from the skin that covers the engine. This piece had four 5 inch slashes in it that were created from something hitting it from the outside. Just a thought as I haven’t stopped thinking about this video since I saw it. Thanks for indulging me if you made it this far.

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