The FLIR footage that was uploaded to YouTube in the months after the MH370 disappearance certainly looks convincing to my untrained eye. However, the lat/ long coordinates on the NROL 22 imagery place the aircraft at the Nicobar Islands – if the aircraft had remained on the course at the same speed as its last known primary radar contact from RMAF Butterworth, would have placed it over Nicobar in less than half an hour. This is in direct conflict with the raw data provided by Inmarsat from its ground station in Perth, Australia, which shows that the satellite control unit onboard MH370 was still responding to handshake requests from Inmarsat’s Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and Pacific Ocean Region (POR) satellites for at least 6 hours after the last radar contact. Unless MH370 circled around the Nicobars for those 6 hours, this scenario seems unlikely. This website has the unredacted Inmarsat data, along with some very good technical discussions for those that want to get “down in the weeds”.

The timeline seems to be something like this:

Plane disappears at 17:21 UTC on March 7.

Air transport communications company SITA asks Inmarsat for data after the disappearance.

Inmarsat supplies SITA with initial 1.5 hours of data.

Inmarsat creates a complete data log at 3:21 UTC on Saturday, March 8, possibly from a facility at Perth.

Inmarsat (London) begins to study complete logs in the afternoon of Sunday, March 9, and sees 7 hours of activity after the disappearance.

Inmarsat confirms 7 hours of activity on Monday, March 10.

Inmarsat notifies SITA of 7 hours of activity on Wednesday, March 12.

It appears that although the complete data logs were created just hours after the final satellite communications, SITA was unaware of the complete logs until several days later. What was initially shared with SITA were not the full communication logs.

Strangely, I recall that one of the Inmarsat engineers died suddenly sometime between March 9- March 12, although I am having trouble locating the news article (might have just been a coincidence…)

The actual satellite data can be found here:

An interesting examination of the previous flight (MH371) and its Burst Frequency Offset (BFO) with the two satellites can be found here:

Burst Frequency Offset MH371

As I said, the footage looks to be very good – it could be actual footage of the aircraft as it made its sweeping turn over Butterworth. We need to track down this RegicideAnon character though and enquire where he got the two pieces of footage from – was he supplied with it by someone within the IC in order to add the three orbs and the portal as a “red herring” for disinformation purposes?

Never a dull moment in UFOlogy!

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