After all of the recent debate regarding the authenticity of the MH370 Drone Footage I decided to do some digging and attempt to find the missing 3rd video.

Although unfortunately I could not find it, I did come across these videos and found what was said in them quite interesting.

Video clip 1 – Royal Malaysian Air Force Chief, Rodzali Daud speaks of an “unidentified blob” picked up on radar.

Video Clip 2 – Rodzali Daud speaks of the possibility that the aircraft did make a turn back.

Video Clip 3 – Former air crash investigator David Gleave speaks the The Telegraph and says that nobody (the military) is declaring the flight profile of the aircraft. Nobody is saying what the altitude of the aircraft was and nothing is being declared. The most important thing is what the vertical profile was at the time it disappeared off the radar.

I’d be interested to hear what everyone’s opinion is on these videos.

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