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Over the past decades no evidence has surfaced that has perhaps as much debate on its authenticity as the recent MH370 disappearance clip. If the video is proven fake, credit must be given to those that created it, for it seems to be too damn real. If not proven fake, this video is perhaps an opportunity to push harder than ever before to demand complete disclosure and a possible explanation as to what on earth was happening in that video. A bunch of users have performed incredibly elaborate and impressive analysis of the video and we must push to get a concrete answer and quite possibly, a full disclosure. No other video of “flying saucers”, “the greys”, history channel crap fest documentaries and other accounts can ever seem as persuasive, legitimate and debatable as the MH370 clip. I only really hope that the heat surrounding this video maintains its rhythm until a complete disclosure is forced to be made by the authorities or at the very least; a logical explanation is provided for the clip.

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