As much as I want to believe and respect all the stories of UAPs from aviators, this is clearly a hoax, and moreover, a psyop meant to distract our attention from the real substance. Here’s 3 facts that prove this IMO:

wreckage was found from MH370, so it wasn’t teleported anywhere

The videos are fake, sort by new and see allllll the posts with great evidence from many different perspectives on this.

This thing was dropped and HEAVILY promoted on this sub right when the Grusch hit piece was generating the most outrage. People were really catching on to how the powers that be manipulate media for propaganda and and also assessing that this actually lends credibility to Grusch – hence the need for an immediate distraction.

TL;DR don’t believe the hyped stories on here, and let’s keep our eyes on the prize. We’re close to getting some real answers.

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