Dr. Steven Greer is the worst disinformation agent within the entire disclosure movement. Why So? Haven’t any of you watched good Dr Greer’s claim the United States government wasn’t moving wooden crates full of armaments in far flung Indonesia as former Marine Michael Herrera has testified, but was instead moving and I quote, “women and children in sealed wooden crates,” no doubt to Arab slave traders I suppose. He further states that every abduction case beginning with the famous 1961 Betty and Barney Hill abduction were conducted by the “fake aliens”, unnamed government and / or rogue operators while in alien costume and using sophisticated holographic technologies in order to convince the abductee and the American public that all aliens are a real and imminent threat to all mankind. Really now, you don’t say. Experiencers will often say contact is almost universally made by uninvited and intrusive ‘cues’ made first by peripheral visions of movement and sometimes uninvited whispering. Dr Garry Nolan is one such experiencer and has talked about the intrusiveness of these uninvited ‘guest’ appearances. I read a recent post by one such experiencer who states he first noted fleeting movements in his peripheral vision that would eventually settle down to what only can be described as a large praying mantis. Now back to the good doctor for a moment. All during this 15 part (or more) Vlad TV interview, whenever Greer would finish speaking, I couldn’t help but notice he would start stretching his lips, mouth and jaw as if he had only just then regained control and use of his own mouth. I’m only (partly) kidding here because it really does look more than a little odd with all the tongue darting and stretching of his mouth and lips. I sat there thinking to myself “what the hell is this man doing,” when suddenly I had the humorous thought that maybe he’s really a reptilian overlord and we’ll know when his forked tongue does its double darting in and out any moment. This man is more than a little strange in this interview.

Everyone knows of Dr Jacques Vallee and knows he does not practice a religion, – yet in his more than 50 years studying the phenomena, has come to the inevitable conclusion that at least a part of this phenomena is undoubtedly linked to the paranormal. The church will call them demons, but in all fairness, who really knows who the good doctor is communing with during his alien mind melds. Funny how it is always the United States government as the villain in every one of these tales. I wonder if its his “alien” communing where he learns of these tales of government horror. Ask yourselves, no really sit down please and really ask yourselves if any of these claims make any sense at all The US government would never obtain or develop these futuristic and fantastic technologies only to then use them in the white slave trade, or in the impersonation of aliens in order to terrorize the American public. C’mon everyone where are your critical thinking skills? ME? I’m an old man and an ordinary citizen, who in 1979 was an SP6 who who had just finished two undergraduate degree programs using my GI Bill from a prior period of service, when our embassy in Tehran was overrun by Islamist students and extremists. I was then a young married man with two small children and feeling mighty grateful I’d been afforded the opportunity of attending university as a full time student though married with small children at home. I guess you can say I heard the call to duty and found myself back on active duty only two days later on my way to INSCOM at Arlington Hall Station in northern Virginia. I was a 74F System manager and lead programmer supervising four to five other programmers when our command had a new commander come upon the scene. I hate that Greer and I have this in common, but my commander was the same Major General who Greer claims offered him 2 billion dollars in cash if only he’d stop his disclosure movement. Major General Stubblebine personally recruited me and never before have I spoken with anyone over these almost 40 years now, – not even my own family, as I believe in these programs, know what’s at stake and its Greer that’s selling you a lie in making these wild claims. Greer does indeed have some information that’s accurate, but Greer’s major flaw is he’ll believe anyone with a story, and he figures them prominently in his casting calls. A great deal of this misinformation should make all of you very weary of the good doctor. I may sit down with pencil and paper to correct some of this misinformation and to explain to those interested just what’s at stake with our developing of these programs. They’re not fully fleshed out and not fully developed at all as Greer has claimed. They’re not ready by a long shot, no matter how much Greer claims otherwise. There’s also no “lost Century” as his new mockumentary will claim. What there indeed has been, is an invisible arms race for the better part of the last forty odd years among the US, authoritarian Russia and the communist Chinese over the supremacy of planet Earth. If you can’t see the writing on the wall in this regard you’re all far more naive than I’ve given you credit for. The problem with the disclosure movement (and there are many) is it weakens our position with the other competitors in this race. Currently we’re miles ahead of the other two nations involved, and fortunately it is only the United States that has made contact with and possesses the means of reproducing some of these vehicles. I do believe it important perhaps you’re all made aware of just what’s at stake, but also how society isn’t nearly ready for disclosure. I’m a private citizen seeking nothing from anyone. I haven’t any story to tell for I believe in these programs and know what’s at stake. Recently I had a redditor who said to me I couldn’t possibly be near 70 years of age because seventy year olds’ aren’t on reddit and furthermore never heard of it. He then went on to call me a gaslighting troll. Gee thanks for your service mister!!!! So many of you sit here and pontificate about this subject matter while talking about nonsense I’m afraid. I’ve tried a few times to correct or inform where they’ve gone wrong in their thinking but it serves no purpose and only ends in gaslighting troll accusations. Ah young people, – and I thought it was my generation that said never trust anyone over 30 !!!

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