TL;DR – we are cohabiting the Earth with another or multiple NHI species both from space itself and from other dimensions, including a future time of our own, and a curious major phenomenon feature of high strangeness includes the oft-referenced probe factory located in 2500ft of water in the Atlantic 400 miles due east of Miami (ref: 4chanDude) which is the real lead that should have been covered in the paper that Avi and Sean co-authored.

For fucks sake Avi was looking at granulated sub-millimeter interstellar detritus when instead there’s literally supposed to be a 2km-wide craft spitting out baby Moscovium-Powered Eben Teslas with damn good 0-60 times on the Continental shelf of the East Coast of the US.

Yeah Oumuamua was likely a mothership that dispensed probes but it came and went in a flash and we’re never gonna know otherwise, yet Avi wanted to chase it with a five year plan. He’d been prodded by those oh-so-helpful lead droppers he believed he could trust to even consider such a farce.

Sean is a real guy too, but gullible as hell and that’s why HE was chosen and selected for the mission of the Confused Deputy of a doomed-to-succeed project office protecting the public from ‘obvious weather anomalies’. Seasoned credentials don’t always translate to common sense and certainly blind trust is his own major deficiency along with a big ignorance factor.

In reality Avi and Sean, Travis and Steven are all balls-deep in slivers-of-truth horse-corpses of dead ends, fed to them by a league of supposed allies in rapid disclosure, when in reality these tips serve to cause them to burn precious investigative time and achieve maximum delay powering the slow drip of the equivalent of a Mental Chinese Water torture.

We’ll never find out about something zipping away into interstellar space at .1c but we COULD investigate the Bermuda UAP Ikea Showroom. I hear they’re having a special on Swedish Tic-Tacs.

Time is our enemy, yet in the rush to gain dominance on this evolving board, we should avoid the Rubenstein Trap. Grusch MUST be protected. We must count our moves.

Slow disclosure has always required the wrong tree, wrong dog approach.

Watch where you bark.

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