I was just on the phone with my 93 year old grandmother whom I talk to once a week on the phone. She’s been a realtor since her 30’s in the Hudson Valley in New York. She still is even a realtor now at 93 which is insane and I am happy to have those genetics.

I brought up the recent UFO hearing to her and if she had any opinion of it which I never have talked about with her. She started to talk about how she saw a cigar shaped object in the 80’s near Stewart Air Force Base. I couldn’t download a phone call recording app fast enough.

I apologize for this being like a long podcast with bad audio of me and my 93 year old grandmother talking on the phone. Her audio isn’t too had though! If I can figure out how to edit the audio I will try and compile it down to the parts where she talks about the UFO she saw in broad daylight over the road.

She also talks about a UFO my grandfather saw, a newspaper article a week after she saw her UFO about a woman who had seen the same thing in her backyard, her opinions on the universe and much more. I also talk about an experience that I had also.

I haven’t even listened to this back yet so I will be listening with you! Enjoy a woman who has lived a very full life talk about her experience with UFO’s, the universe and more.

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