This happened within the last couple weeks. I’ve been holding on to this story simply because my brain still can’t wrap my head around exactly what I saw. Was star gazing in PA with my partner when we noticed one of the brighter stars begin to move downwards across the sky. We both somehow saw it begin moving at exactly the same time that it began moving (the sky was very clear and static at the time, this thing was there for sure and moved abruptly in nearly the dead center of the sky.) Didn’t think too much of this at first until we both gasped at the same time at the very bright tail of yellow and orange it began to leave. After a couple seconds of this stream the object stopped in place for a brief moment to then fly off again and fade into the sky.

I say that the object stopped briefly; this is the part that I still can’t wrap my head around at all. I’ve witnessed shooting stars and this wasn’t the case. I’m into aviation and enjoy simming (simulation flight/vr etc.) so I know a bit about planes and flying. I’m no expert, but from what I witnessed I personally can’t bring myself to believe that this as anything but a UAP in my honest opinion.

Lmk if anyone’s seen the same thing or similar around southern Pennsylvania area.

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