Location: Brevard County, Florida

Time: 0100

Year: 2007

About 16 years ago, I witnessed something strange.

While driving home from a friends house around 1 in the morning, I witnessed what appeared to be a perfect sphere hovering about 50 or so feet above our county’s school board building.

From my perspective (drivers seat looking at it through the driver’s side window which was rolled down), the sphere was the size of a basketball, translucent blue in color, and had what appeared to be a white “swirling” light inside. It hovered in place both silently and perfectly still, no movement at all.

I looked forward to check the road, then immediately back at the object which was gone. I didn’t see it fly away, and I heard no noise.

Just some notes:

Viewing the object caused me to apply the brakes and say out loud to myself, “what the f**k was that.”

I also unexplainably teared up. I didn’t cry, but I teared up.

I called my friend after and told him what I witnessed who to my surprise said he saw the same thing a few nights prior. Not sure why he didn’t tell me about it, but I have always felt that he is pretty skeptical.

Could it have been ball lightning? I dunno, maybe. However, I am not so sure.

For what it’s worth, at the time, I had been a police officer for a few years so I fancied myself as a pretty good observer. My friend who said he witnessed the same thing was also a patrol officer at the time and is now a detective. No drugs or alcohol involved.

A pretty lifechanging experience for me that I wish I could figure out exactly what it was.

Figured I would share in the hopes someone else on here is from the area and witnessed the same thing.

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