My Perspective on the Airliner Video

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So let’s start off by saying that I have pretty much zero way of actually proving anything I know, so I’m not even going to bother trying. No “credentials” I have would mean anything outside of very specific circumstances. I offer only my post history as proof that I at least genuinely believe what I’m saying.

So let’s start off with the Hitchhiker effect. Defined as the tendency for esoteric phenomena to manifest after the appearance of a UFO. This occurs for a very specific reason. The physics UFOs rely upon for certain functionality are… restricted here. There is a field here put on this planet very long ago for the purpose of defending this location from a peer threat (let’s call this field the barrier). It does this by selectively counteracting certain esoteric/interdimensional physical interactions from occuring in anything that isn’t flagged as friendly by its IFF functionality. This IFF functionality was degraded severely at one point causing the barrier to target indiscriminately.

Now, UFOs have to counteract this barrier to work here. This field they use to counteract the barrier weakens it in an area around the UFO, and this is what allows dormant phenomena to manifest (the “shadow ecosystem” some hint at). Any fluctuation in the barriers ability to counteract this field = crash. This is why UFOs crash here despite being so “advanced”. Especially since Earthbound NHI groups are fairly antsy about barrier penetration attempts and will work to stop persistent attempts.

Now let’s finally get to the video. Triangle UFOs (especially ones that consist of separate objects precipitating a much more energetic event in the center of them) are designed that way because it’s the minimum configuration for outright repelling the barrier within an area. I cannot lend outright credibility to the video, but it’s doing exactly what I’d expect it to (causing an energetic event that would not be possible if the barrier was there) in the exact configuration I’d expect it to have (3 lights creating a field in between them). If the video is real my guess is that it was a test to see what the barrier would do if a significant penetration attempts occurred, and far enough away from population centers for Earthbound NHI groups to intervene. An attempt to blatantly acquire humans is something that will generally cause the barrier to slap you, and my guess is that this is what happened here (of it is MH370 it would explain the presence of debris, the slap may have caused whatever was happening to fling the debris in a random spread around the area)

This video is a real strange one because all possibilities regarding it point to something escalatory.

If the video is real then it’s a very early example of a penetrative test of that scale. This is not good.

2a. It’s a hoax, but from someone in the know. This means it exists to gauge the reactions of those in the know, and to disseminate certain information for usage in later packages.

2b. It’s a hoax by someone not in the know, in which case it’s way the fuck too specific to not indicate a specific kind of problem is way too pervasive at this point for humanity to even have a chance on its own.

Sorry for the rambling, this is generally not information that was ever to be shared but times have changed. It has to be shared now, if only because it suits the agendas of a few specific groups as they prepare for the next escalatory phase of what’s currently happening.

I can also answer most questions y’all would likely have in as much depth as you need. If depth of reply is “evidence” then it’s the least I can offer.

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