Maybe not thrilling, but true.

In 1996 I was 16 years old. I was in high school going to Rocky Mountain High School in fort Collins, co. One day I decided to ditch class and I went to Burger King to get those breakfast croissants. I lived in a neighborhood called Taft canyon, which was actually kind of a canyon. At the time not very many people lived there and it was wide open space right under the foothills, like literally almost nobody and no houses in sight. I drove to a place where nobody was, it was being flattened out for new houses, but nothing but dirt there. I was facing the foothills. On that day the weather was like a perfect grey sheet of clouds in the sky. No sun, and it was about 7:30am.

I sat there eating those croissants and I saw a glowing light moving underneath the cloud. I figured it was a helicopter looking at the traffic or the weather. It was going pretty fast. Then, it instantly did a 90 degree turn and went straight up through the clouds. The way it happened is impossible because if there was anybody in it they would have gone right through the windshield. And when it went up it went faster than it was going horizontally. I sat there for a while and thought about it because nothing should be able to do that, not in 1996.

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