First of all I believe aliens exist and have visited us in some capacity. But, I also believe in Occam’s razor and I keep wondering if the simplest explanation is just plain greed? What if people have been feeding Grusch lies or simply what they thought he needed to hear so they can continue stealing money from taxpayers without any oversight? In other words, if you’re pilfering millions or billions of dollars from the government all under the ruse of a super top secret operation nobody is allowed to know about, it makes stealing a lot easier. You can explain away any cost or expenditure as too top secret to share. Eventually someone like Grusch may start pushing for more explanation or information to justify the money. What could possibly be so top secret that nothing can be divulged? – aliens. Grusch bought the stories and the theft continued on. Please tell me I’m crazy with this rationale and why? I really want to believe this time will be different, but I’m ready for the letdown that it’s like everything else and money is behind it.

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