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Looking at the most recent rumors that Mike Turner is fighting to shut down further hearings and any further examination of the issue, I’m left with a question:

If a story thats “bullshit” “foolish” and “fake” “nonsense” made it all the way up to the person who writes/escorted the daily brief to the president of the united states, this represents a security breach of the highest order that requires a full top down analysis, purge, investigation, and reorganization of our security and intelligence services and suggests gaping national security holes that foreign powers could easily drive a nuclear weapon through.

Presumably anyone fighting urgently to either confirm or to discredit properly this story would be fighting for the USA’s national security interests, but to keep the issue in limbo, the gaping security holes forcibly held open for months or years on end, isn’t it likely the people doing this, if the UFO issue is fake, are traitors opening us up to foreign attack?

If Mike Turner is actually shutting down investigations into this that would resolve it as real or fake, what justifications/arguments do we have for what’s going on that wouldn’t involve him betraying us to foreign powers? The UFO possibility seems to be the only potential reality in which the folks standing in the way of resolving the current investigations are still working for the US and not hostile foreign powers.

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