I am an avid sky watcher. Never looking for anything. Just love getting lost in the sky’s celestial beauty. Anyway, today I witnessed the strangest military air exercises that came along with imo several(approx. 15+) UFO/UAP sightings with about 10 witnesses. Most who witnessed the event were skeptic. Even though they were obviously baffled. K. I will give my best effort to keep this as concise as possible, but detail is everything.

This occured in Seminole, Oklahoma on Nov. 5, 2023 between the hours of approx. 3:30p.m.-6:00p.m. and potentially still happening as I type this post.

I sit outside most of the afternoon playing with my two dogs at my apartment. Today I went out around 1:00p.m. Beautiful day with clear skies, 75°, and a slight breeze. I noticed this morning(8:00a.m.) military aircraft in the sky. Nothing out of the normal with Tinker Air Force Base(OKC) just 30mi. West of Seminole.

When I came out around 1:00p.m. I immediately noticed that the aircraft exercises hadn’t ceased. That I found strange, but didn’t think much of it.

Approx. at 3:00p.m. the aircraft have my full attention because they are still there! This was when the first sighting occured. I looked up and seen the UAP, but thought it was a drone. The UAP was flying low. I have no concept of measuring elevation so it was low enough for me to see what I believe was it’s shape and features.

The UAP’s body was pill-shaped with two protrusions that resembled wings. Didn’t see lights and it all didn’t appear to have any color. Maybe metallic. The first UAP moved westward towards OKC. It’s movement was like a balloon in that it appeared like it was floating, but was actually moving with great speed. I judged it’s speed by how much distance they covered compared with the military jets. These UAPs moved just as fast and at times faster. Nearly all of these went right over my apartment complex.

As this thing moved away going West still it also appeared to be ascending rapidly. Idk if this was due to the sun, but the UAP began to shine. Not illuminate tho. It looked more like a reflection, but that reflection effect only occured when the UAP went out of sight. Idk if the UAP propelled into the empty sky or if it dissipated, but it was gone in less than a couple minutes. It made no sound whatsoever.

These UAPs continued to pop up throughout the rest of the afternoon. When I say pop up. I mean those words in every sense. They popped up seemingly out of nowhere. I looked for them eveywhere and then all of a sudden I turned my head and boom.

The UPAs appeared after the military jets were out of sight and those jets always flew two,three, or four at a time. The UAPs popped up one or two at a time.

The rest of the sightings were the exact same. At least 15 more times. There was no pattern to figure out where and when the UAPs would show. They also flew in all directions when they appeared, but most time they flew w/sw direction. The military aircraft were present the entire time and those aircraft flew in all directions as well. As far as I know this all took place right above the city of Seminole. The southern skies of Seminole to be more specific. Literally above my head.

I went outside after dark and the air traffic is still extremely busy. IDK if it’s the same aircrafts but it’s unusual.

Hopefully someone has an idea of what I saw. I have a really shitty vid I might upload. My camera sucks. But this was very strange and very real. I left just a few details out, but if you have a question, then I’ll try to answer it if possible.

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