If Bigelow is right with the stuff he said at the end, and I have a feeling he might be…

⁠NHI are not native to another planet in our spacetime, but rather either higher dimensionalities than what we classify as our spacetime reality… OR something spiritual in nature ⁠if the “intuition and insight and sensitivity” etc that are potential things that exist in ESP / Psi / Remote Viewing / etc —- then the way he’s perceiving that they have “acknowledged” (in so many words?) that the whole quantum physics reality bending nature of consciousness (observer effect et al.) is as real as anything else, and consciousness forms reality, not the other way around.. and a lot of the “trickster events” , “hitchhiker events” , symptomatic strangeness connected to spiritual stuff as well as SWR stuff as well as UFO/UAP events seem to suggest that they’re just better at using consciousness to alter perceived reality than most humans are. We can, but we’re not going to get anywhere with that kind of stuff as a bunch of disjointed individuals singing our own disharmonious songs to our own beat and our own individual directions… we need either “more conscious willpower” or more harmonious unison to achieve change / control over reality in ways “they have demonstrated” — this is what I’m seeing and feeling in relation to what Bigelow described.

..before he did the song part, he said something along the lines of the topic of “we’ve been trying to lead you to this truth for all this time, why haven’t you relied on your intuition and stuff so much up to now?”

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