New lead for proving the authenticity of the videos

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Previously, I have been open to entertaining the idea that the Boeing 777-200ER depicted in the airliner video(s) is MH370 almost entirely because the Inmarsat satellite pings’ circles of distance would reasonably allow for the aircraft to have continued northwest towards the Nicobar Islands, rather than turning south at the northern tip of Java and proceeding deep into the southern Indian Ocean.

Until earlier today, it was my understanding that the Inmarsat data is the most precise method of measuring where the aircraft could have gone after the Malaysian military lost contact with it. However, I recently uncovered a report written by aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey, who appears to be a big player in independent investigation of MH370. The report seems to demonstrate the southern Indian Ocean theory is correct and that the aircraft never approached the location depicted in the satellite video.

In bare-bones terms, his report used publicly-avaliable data from a third-party global network of interlinked radio senders and recievers called WSPRnet. The constituent stations of WSPRnet send low-band signals to each other, allowing for the detection of interference caused by aircraft or other airborne objects that cross through the links – in this way, WSPRnet acts as a global network of radio tripwires.

As visible in this map, there are numerous WSPRnet tripwires that span the Indian Ocean and bisect the suspected flight path of MH370.

Godfrey states in his report that interference picked up through WSPRnet on the night of MH370’s disappearance suggests the aircraft did indeed travel southwards; additionally, the more precise locational nature of the data allows for Godfrey to have drawn up a more elaborate and specific flight path.

Note that this flight path does not approach the Nicobar Islands.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish this evidence completely debunked the aircraft in the video as being MH370. However, it doesn’t, and it may actually strengthen the believer’s case.

The coordinates seen in the satellite video are cropped such that they are partially out of view. This is the reason why our community’s efforts to investigate the position of the satellite suspected to have taken the video were so obfuscated – the text could be construed in a way that allows for it to be one of four satellites with similar names, so we had to check each one to see if any of them were in the area during the time of MH370’s disappearance.

The poor cropping creates another bit of confusion: as aryelbcn pointed out in his general analysis thread, users (unfortunately uncredited) have pointed out there is room for a minus sign in the coordinates.

The full view of the coordinates seen in the satellite video. Note there is room for a minus sign before the southern coordinate entry.

If there were a minus sign preceding the degrees south, it would place the satellite video here:

And therefore, it is still entirely possible the aircraft in the satellite video is MH370. In fact, at a glance, the coordinates almost seem to lie precisely on the flight path determined by the WSPRnet data. If someone can georeference the map in the report and the Google Maps screenshot and put them together, it would prove as damning evidence in favour of the MH370 theory – and the authenticity of the airliner videos – if the coordinates overlapped to a non-coincidental level of preciseness. It would be evidence mainly because Godfrey’s investigation using WSPRnet data was not published until New Year’s Eve of 2021, over 7 years after the satellite video was posted to YouTube; it’s of course theoretically possible that a hoaxer could perform their own earlier investigation using this data, but that strikes me as an absurd amount of work to put into a hoax video, especially if the results of the investigation weren’t published until far, far later.

Apologies if this post is bordering on incomprehensible. I promise the sources are scientific and rigorous (at least to my relatively untrained eye), I’m just very sleepy from a long day of working and chaos.

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