After seeing this great post on this sub yesterday I have decided to create a new sub called r/DisclosureNow.

This sub is a place to share your letters and phone calls to your Congressman/woman or member of parliment/local governor pushing for disclosure. Each week we will produce a report of which flairs have been used so we can see how many letters are being sent in each state/country. This way we know where to concentrate our efforts.

Ross Coulthart has mentioned many times that the only way to keep up this momentum towards full disclosure is to maintain pressure on congress by writing letters and making phonecalls. It is the aim of this sub to co-ordinate a blanket campaign of communications to Congress to ensure that every Congressman/woman is getting a sustained level of communication on the issue.

We dont need a wave, we need a tsunami! So write or call your representative and post your efforts on r/DisclosureNow. Add the flair for your state so we can track how many letters each member is receiving.

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