…. “Exercise RESOLUTE SENTINEL has brought together international military satellite operators, engineers, and commercial sensor providers onto the same ops floor,” said British Air Force Flt. Lt. Nick Hallchurch, JCO United Kingdom team lead. “The opportunity to learn from each other’s skill sets has been invaluable.”

The exercise provided an opportunity for space operators from the Peruvian Air Force and other partner nations, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador to interact with and learn from NATO member space professionals from the U. S. and the U. K. The team enhanced the entire RESOLUTE SENTINEL joint force through key space support activities such as space domain awareness operations, commercial space imagery, and electromagnetic warfare.

“During the nine days, I learned and shared many experiences as a Peruvian satellite operator,” said Peruvian Air Force Lieutenant Luzeth Tello, CONIDA Sat-1 Flight Dynamics Satellite operator. “One of the things that stuck out to me was the different organizations involved in creating the Notices to Space Operators (NOTSO) and how these notifications are generated. As a satellite operator, it was gratifying to see.”…

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