Us humans we have identified burying of our dead. And the ritual practice of it. To accept the acendance, and the grievance of those who have past. And those who continue on.

If we possess Non human intelligence biologics. Why do we not, out of respect and grievance of our own emotional urge as an “intelligent” being offer them. Or the aliens. Or the others. Or the NHI. Or the whatever you want to call them… Why do we not give them their people back?

We do it. We do it during war. We do it during conflict. We do it to each other out of respect. We do it for the right reasons, and to do the right thing. Mothers give birth. Father’s give direction.

Even if the others do not recognize this. Why should we surrender our humanity because of their neglect?

We need to offer them there people back in the most respectful way. As if it was a Catholic Saint, Egyptian God, a Satori Budist or any other religious deity.

Pure respect as we understand it. And we need to give them their people back.

Why are we not doing this?

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