Not sure what this was. Was wondering if anyone else in the area saw this.

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Hey Everyone,

My girlfriend and I try to make it out to Joshua Tree, CA to camp once a month. We really enjoy the clear night skies and quiet, as well as a higher potential to see cool things in the sky.

This night was June 19, 2023, around 10:30 pm we were laying in our tent with the rain cover off so we could look at the stars. I noticed an odd light in the sky (NW of us) that was slowly fading in and out while moving East. I scrambled to grab my phone in the rare event it could be something cool, but it disappeared before I could catch it..

However, not even a minute later, this other light appears, and seems maybe a few miles away from us, almost directly underneath where I saw the first one. This light was steady, and hovering just above the horizon, for about 20 minutes. There seemed to be a reflection beneath it, and I’m not sure if it was glass or water(not a lot of water features out there).

I think it could’ve been a drone, but it was perfectly still that entire time, so I’m not sure. Not too keen on drone models and specs. Definitely not a flare, as I’ve worked with military flares during my time with the Marines.

It’s also interesting to note that while we were watching this light, we noticed weird light patterns in the town beyond it, the same pattern lighting up in various parts of the town. Almost as if the street/building lights were surging in synchronicity.

After about 25 minutes of watching it, we both fell asleep, and when I woke up 10 minutes later to look at it, it was gone.

I completely forgot about the entire thing until very recently when I was scrolling through my library cleaning out old photos and videos, and was blown away that I didn’t remember that night, considering I’m an absolute nerd for this stuff.

Anyway, this was in the BLM area of Joshua tree. The last picture has a pin on our location, and a blue circle of where I am assuming the light was based on the direction and distance. It appears to be a residence.

I’m interested if anyone else goes out there, and if you ever see anything?

Video in link:

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