Was looking into the IR footage of the alleged MH370 video, when I noticed the IR reflecting off of one side of some orbs but not others. At first I thought this might be an inconsistent detail that might point towards it being bad editing (at some points it reflects toward the plane, at others it reflects away) but then I saw this one.

This is a frame by frame of a single orb completing its downward revolution in front of the plane (with the exception of the final frame, which I skipped ahead a few frames to show that it doesn’t rotate continuously, but stops rotating at some points)

Some thoughts:

Why is the IR on the orb imbalanced at all, when at other times, it’s completely solid?

why do some spin and rotate, while others only rotate?

If this is a hoax, what would be the point in going out of your way to add this detail? Why make it inconsistent from the solid IR seen on the plane and other orbs?

if this is real? Then what the fuck?

Just another strange detail in an increasingly strange video. Interested to hear all of your thoughts.

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