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Why would the video be stamped with “NROL-22” on the lower left?

That’s the name of the launch, not the satellite.

That satellite carried a SIGINT payload and the first SBIRS payload, HEO-1. The satellite also goes by the name TRUMPET-4.

It seems more likely if someone were interacting with a coordinate/video tracking platform on it, it would be stamped with “SBIRS HEO-1”, “TRUMPET-4” or something similar, not the name of the launch.

I also want to point out a link that I haven’t seen anyone post just to show that using this satellite in particular was floated in March 2014.

There were other news articles about using the SBIRS system in particular to locate MH370, and in fact the official word from the US is that we did attempt to look for an explosion with SBIRS and it turned up nothing. I don’t say that to note the explosion (am aware the IR signature is cold), but just rather that the idea of using this satellite was well out there.

With all this said, I still find this video insanely compelling. I’d be curious to know if anyone has insight on whether the launch name is dropped when a satellite and its payloads are operational.

Also, since the first instance of this video (RegicideAnon) didn’t have the NROL-22 stamp, has anyone checked whether later versions are actually less cropped or if the NROL-22 stamp is just placed on the same pixel space? Edit, added this line: That seems like a really obvious thing to look at but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone discuss it.

Edit: Seems like I wasn’t clear enough, so here’s my point. Is there any evidence that the title NROL-22 is still used operationally (e.g. by NSA interfacing with SIGINT payload or USAF interfacing with the SBIRS payload) after the satellite is launched and in orbit? Are launch names actually still used operationally after the launch is complete?

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