So I’m looking out my attic bedroom window, as I was watching a bus drive by and I was curious to what was driving that loud at this early in the morning around my area. I look up to close the window to see a small white dot in the sky moving at a pretty paced speed, I happen to just think that it’s a satellite and continue to watch it out of curiosity. It disappears a couple of times but I’m putting it down to clouds getting in the way. Until.

The next thing that happens actually bizarres me, and I’m here to see if anyones seen anything similar or has an explanation to what it could’ve been (I’m not actually into UFOs but this made me question what I saw). When the white dot had gone for the third time, 6 dimmly lit redish white lights showed in a triangular formation to where the white dot originally was after it had disappeared. It was only for a couple of seconds before they slowly started dimming and disappearing as well. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture as it happened too fast for me to grab my phone, and plus it’s an android so I’m definitely not taking high quality pictures any time soon lol, just wanted to share that. Thank you.

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