In my personal opinion based on no evidence, its seams incredible how the same people who believe in videos of airplanes being taken by portals, alien attacks in Peru, las Vegas ETs, microbiologists, 4chan larpers cornfield art and so on. will not put together how easy it is to manipulate public opinion.

Do you really think that someone leaking David Grush’s medical records validates his statements? Do you think that will convince the people who think he is part of a psyop that this is not a psyop? No. It will convince the people who think he is an actual wissleblowers and not just an assigned one.

Why can’t he say UFOs? Why can’t he say extraterrestrial life? Why do they have to take control of how we speak about it, insert new oficial terms and control how you see the phenomena?

Have you seen the cube inside the sphere?

What happens to real wissleblowers? Snowden? Assange? Jack Teixeira?

Is Grusch is danger? Why would the person who gave no actual evidence or names be in danger? Why would the person who is promoting UFOs as a danger and a threat for national defense be in actual danger? The person who wants other wissleblowers to not divulge anything publicly but instead to look for internal burocratic legal forms of doing it?

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