On MH-370

Many decades ago I was taught that a journalistic story needed to cover certain points, usually in a specific order. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Let is apply that to to the MH 370 story so as to make a framework to write a good story.

WHO – We do not know. An unknown internet source released the video. It may it may not have been his own work.

WHAT – A pair reduced quality digital video streams which appear to show a 777 surrounded by orbs, which then disappear in a flash of light.

WHEN – The video appeared 2 weeks after MH-370 disappeared. We do not know when the video was first produced, or why.

WHERE – On screen data appears to be showing MH-370 in flight, somewhere near the disappearance time. It is possible that data was added later. Observers claim the videos were taken from a drone and or a satellite but we do not know whose drone or from what base or whose satellite or how the video was procured. This portion of the story has many disagreements. There is no chain of custody.

WHY – Unanswerable because we do not know the originator or the person who first published the images.

HOW – Much has been written on the techniques and time required to produce this video, generally with the assumption it needed to be done within 2 weeks. The base video of some 777 may have been done previously for unknown reasons and was fortuitously available. The author then added the UAP’s and portal being the only added elements. Perhaps it was just done on a lark. Or it may be, as some theorize, a 777 being abducted by aliens through a portal. Who the aliens are, why they would do this, and how they would do that are all unanswerable.

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