During all the interviews and testimony regarding the tic tac, there’s one key piece of information that really puzzles me. At one point, Fravor mentions that the UAP left and went straight to Fravor’s cap point – the place where they were supposed to perform their exercise.

That seems like too big of a coincidence here. Of all the places to go, the UAP just magically appears right at the place Fravor is heading to.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but I don’t think probability wise that that makes any sense. If we assume just for a moment that it isn’t a coincidence, then it means several possibilities:

This thing can understand us to some degree and can listen in on our communications, thoughts, intentions, etc. This thing perhaps knows what will occur in the future before we do. This thing is privy to the same level of information as Fravor and has received this information from somewhere.

That to me is the strangest part of all of this. How the hell did it know about the cap point? What does it mean if they can know what our military is going to do before it does anything? Strange stuff.

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