NOTES: It’s ruled an UAP by Mufon, It got classified by the Department of Defense.


Object observed several of the five observables.

1 – No Sounds

2 – Hovered for 20 Minutes

3 – Used a Lidar type beam of light to scan neighborhood.

4 – Used that beam on myself and my then a 11 year old.

5 – I was within 200 feet of it, if not closer.

Reported to Mufon next day.

Mufon stated that multiple radars had seen it. Lehigh Valley Airport, Reading Airport and Fort Indian Town Gap military facility saw it.

It went from 200 Feet over my house to 80,000 feet instantly, and all three radar returns were then classified.

Speculation :

It’s a remote scanner … really just a super advanced NHI drone.. why run around with a flashlight if you are not looking for something or marking something?