I thought he got it from the crash site, mentioned in Pasulka’s book. But recently I found comments claiming he said he got it from soldier who’s family member died. Apparently he was directed to that person by… Hal Putoff. I was not able to find source of those claims. Anybody has an idea if it is true? Nolan refuses to give this material to other scientists for additional testing.

Is it me or this whole thing revolves around 2 people – Tim Taylor and Hal Putoff. TBH if Pasulka wrote the truth, and Chris Bledsoe is not lying, TT behaviour is fishy as hell. Things he told Bledsoe sound like he was confirming his beliefs, ego pumping (“youy’re the most informed person i know” comment) sounds like someone is trying to push narrative. This whole blindfolded trip to crash site is ridiculous. One would expect military would clean this place to the t.

Putoff BS answer regarding RV and stocks he gave to Weinstein made me distrust this guy. Now Nolan apparently got this sample from person mentioned by Putoff. There was also a comment mentioning Putoff, Taylor and DOTY working together. WTF is going on?

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