TLDR: stay the course, contact your reps, Senators, and favorite news sources to put individuals on the record. Let’s not succumb to disinformation/distraction

Repeating the subject line for a reason, it’s important: our noble quest for legitimate UAP information is being preyed upon. This subreddit is one of very few places where the public comes to feed their layman curiosities about the July 26th hearings, for example. And sometimes the top 10 discussions here turn that genuine interest into something like pizza_fire.gif

I’d argue that that’s precisely the goal of certain OPs. If the bridge between public knowledge and those in-the-know is guarded by a dumpster fire of debunking threads, not only is our own personal bandwidth wasted on the topics, but we’re actively delegitimizing the entire topic for the public.

I’ve noted a significant down/up-voting campaign here since the hearings, but now I doubt it’s even necessary. Posting, replying, and attempted debunking has reached a fever-pitch.

We’re all so thirsty for the next morsel of knowledge that what we are immediately engaging without much consideration of its wider impact.

This note is not to say anyone’s argument about the veracity of X or Y is right or wrong – the energy we all put into this place is downright awesome. I am saying only this: our limited bandwidth is being used against us and the public to re-bury this.

I’d argue that we don’t need to know the answers on what is or is not disinformation right now, but we DO need the classified briefings to maintain steam. That only happens with our pressure and focus on the people executing that plan.

Admittedly, I fell victim to the MH370 discussion, it’s super interesting… but it’s ripe for a downward spiral of misinformation, infighting, endless analysis, and also leads our minds one step closer to the inception idea of “NHI puts humans in danger”.

I’m asking myself this simple question now: “do I care more about disclosure or knowing every fact and trick immediately?”. And I’m asking that because I can see now the two might be mutually exclusive.

Eye on the prize my friends, eye on the prize

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