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I would like to remind this sub of how confidently Stephen Bassett asserted that we would get disclosure from the white house within two weeks of the Grusch hearing. He also confidently asserted that “the hearings are going to be probably the most watched hearings in history.” The best way that people who constantly make false predictions without repercussions or any hits to their credibility is by the people who get hyped on said predictions to simply forget about them when they don’t come to pass and focus on getting hyped on the next prediction. I’d like to remind this sub of how hyped everyone got when this article was posted here several weeks ago. There’s a lesson here if you choose to learn from this.

In light of Grusch’s claims, how far away are we from what you call “disclosure”—or the confirmation by the U.S. President of the existence of the extraterrestrials?”

Once they get the witnesses to testify, which would almost certainly include Grusch and anybody else prepared to testify directly to ET technology in our hands, which means Roswell was real, which Grusch has alluded to—two weeks.

Two weeks?

From the day the hearings start. Because here is the situation: The hearings are going to be probably the most watched hearings in history. So hundreds of millions of people are watching this testimony unfold. They are watching these questions being asked. The media is going nuts. Articles every day. Groundbreaking. After two weeks of that, what are you [as the U.S. president] going to do? You’ve got to go and make an announcement and say, “Look, I’ve talked to the Secretary of Defense. I’ve talked to the key Congressional leaders, and I’ve watched this testimony, and it’s pretty convincing. I think that we now can be assured that in fact, this is nonhuman in origin.” Or [Biden] may say “extraterrestrial presence.” But it is nonhuman, and it’s not our tech. That’s disclosure. Capital D. Bingo. That’s it.

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