The good news is that this is actually beginning to happen. Many of you have probably heard about dark matter. You may have also heard that “normal” matter only makes up 5% of the universe. Lue Elizondo has actually raised this interesting point and alluded that it’s a sign we don’t actually understand much. The thing is dark matter is called dark because we can’t directly observe it and only infer it. Even worse, we not only have failed to detect it and prove its existence but we have essentially already proven it doesn’t exist beyond 5 sigma as physicist Erik Verlinde has pointed out. You can hear him explain this in the video below

Or you can read about it in the article below

“In this view, no missing matter is needed to explain the errant motions of the heavenly bodies; rather, on cosmic scales, gravity itself works in a different way than either Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein predicted.”

How does this relate to UFOs? I can already anticipate the comment that this isn’t relevant. Oh, but it is. This sub loves to discuss NHI and ET but if you understand the ETH you would know that it has always been limited to how would one travel cosmological distances to us? The prevailing wisdom has always been you would require either faster than light travel or gravity manipulation to cross such vast distances of space. So, theories of gravity and cosmology are very relevant. Hell, it was the realization that the universe is full of galaxies which are full of stars and that the Earth is literally not the center of it all that first popularized the notion that we may not be alone.

So people have been reporting UFOs that at least seem to be defying our understanding of gravity in one way or another. Once again, diving into our best and even newest emerging theories of gravity are then very relevant to the discussion.

During the last congressional hearing on UAP Congressman Tim Burchett officially entered a document into the record titled Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering.

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