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Hello. I can’t backup my following statements with proof, I can only promise you it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Back in 2018 I was watching some YT videos with a close friend (we talk about literally everything, our trust in each other is on a level I have with noone else) and suddenly, while we were sitting there, around 1AM, we heard an electric noise / muffled scream. I stopped the video and asked if he heard it, after which another small noise was emitted from the invisible entity. The noise came from right in front of us; we were baffled. I stuck my hand out and it felt like an oven. I asked my friend for stick his hand out, he got scared and pulled his arm back once he felt it.

It was weird. We sat with blank stares and didn’t know what to think. I stuck my hand out once more out of disbelief, and I felt the warmth of the ??? on my desk. There were NO heat sources around the “ball of heat” that made this very weird noise.

My friend stood up from his chair out of fear and moved to my balcony door to smoke a cigarette, I stayed in my seat for a few moments before standing up. Once I stood up and had taken a few steps towards him a powerful wind of hot air blew at my head from the side of my desk, I fell down on the floor screaming “What the fuck?!”

My friend asked what had happened and I explained it was like a hand dryer was just pointed at my head.

My friend left in a hurry after that, he was terrified and I don’t blame him. I went to “sleep” that night without anymore paranormal things happening.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I had my friend visit me and stay a few days.

On the first night he was here we drank a few beers and spent some more time watching things online of common interest. We stepped out on my balcony (I’ve moved apartments since 2018) and while smoking a cigarette I started noticing something very strange in the sky; a star that was behaving a bit strange..

The brightest star in sky had these tiny specs of blue light flash around it. It looked like dead pixels flashing on a screen – but in real life. I asked my friend if he was seeing what I was seeing, after I told him to look at the star. A few moments passed by and he explained exactly what I saw, so I know it wasn’t my eyes lying to me.

We were baffled once again. After starring at the star for a while a white/grey orb spawned from nothing just south east of the star, it was visible for about a second, maybe less, and skipped across the sky until it was gone.

We both saw it, we don’t have any doubts. It was a solid object, it moved faster than anything we’ve ever seen, it didn’t make a noise.

These things only happen when I am with that one specific friend, and i am becoming scared to see him now. What will happen next?

He lives quite a long distance from me so we rarely see each other.. Should we pursue this, or should we let it be.

If you were to trust me on this, and assume I am telling the truth, which I solemnly swear that I am, what would you do in my situation?

I am a god fearing me, and I do not toy with these things nor do I joke about them. I don’t know what to do or what these signs may mean, if anything at all. I know NOTHING, only what I saw, felt and heard. Help?

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