My uncle used to be an F16 pilot in Turkey. He currently works for the Turkish Airlines.

I didn’t see him often and I still don’t. When I was 10 or 11 years old, he told me that he had encountered lights while flying and that he even tried to fly towards one to see what it was but it was moving much faster than his plane. According to him, this was common and his friends had similar experiences.

Other than this one time I never heard him speak about this again. He was smart guy who graduated from one of the best military schools in Turkey.

I just wanted to share this personal anecdote to argue that these sightings are probably no exception to the US. This must be much more common but I would guess that it is probably more likely to get dismissed and not pursued in a third world country.

I don’t think my uncle had a reason to lie. The recent congressional hearing and some of the interviews that were shared here made me remember this that I had long forgotten. Anyhow, one more data point…

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