Big grain of salt warning; but hear me out…

I’ve been following these recent news from the villages in the Peruvian Amazons about 7ft extraterrestrials attacking local villagers (source: and tried to kidnap a 15-year old girl.

This can also be related to local rumors’ about a type of alien entity in Peru called the pelacaras (face-peeler) that literally peels off people’s faces (human mutilations)

Witness account from Peruvian tribe (From footage released by Brazilian government) “A light shone on her (from a UFO) and she felt she went blind and got dizzy. She felt something was pulling her eyes out. Other witnesses said that after the event her face was swollen and her eyes were blood-red” (4:50)

I did some reading on old pre-Colombian Gods like Tlaloc, which were often refer to in very anthropomorphized ways.

Especially one paragraph caught my attention:

“The festival of Tozoztontli (24 March – 12 April) similarly involved child sacrifice. During this festival, the children were sacrificed in caves. The flayed skins of sacrificial victims that had been worn by priests for the last twenty days were taken off and placed in these dark, magical caverns.” (āloc)

So why do aliens want my silky smooth skin?

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